Thursday, April 26, 2012

Scraps here and scraps there

Have you ever wondered what to do with all the scrap batting, tiny scraps of fabric, the little snips when you cut your blocks?  Well I have a great ideal for all the fabric that is too tiny to use but you feel guilty about throwing it away (like I do, much to my hubby’s chagrin).
A great way to use these is to recycle all that into machine washable and dryable pet beds.
I have 3 in my house and my kittys, I have 5, love them.
I first found an article from one of my quilt shop newsletters. They were collecting scraps to stuff pillow cases for shelter cats & dogs. Great idea, I said to myself. Little did I know that asking for the scraps turned my basement into a storage space for trash bags filled with offerings that it flowed into my garage. So after some friendly threats from my hubby, I got my quilt guild to get a sewing day together to work on the pet beds.
I filled my Kia Soul from front seat to back end with bags and boxes of fabric, scraps and yardage, sewing machine and other sewing implements to the point that I could not see out the back and away I went to CottonPickers Quilt shop in Chardon. Over the two day session, about 6 hours each day, we made about 40 pet beds, along with learning some new techniques and patterns.

I now have a pillow case clipped to my cutting board so when I have scraps I can just drop them into the pillow case and sew it when it is full. 
 My mother-in-law even got her quilt girls to do this in Erie, Pa., for the local shelter. My garage is starting to fill up with finished beds and my hubby is hinting at me again. Now I need to find a local shelter that would love to have these to adopt out with the cats or dogs going to their forever homes.

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