Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Table Topper Class

I had a very busy weekend. I taught some members of my quilt guild a new quilted table topper pattern. It was a lot of fun and almost everyone got their table topper done in the two day class. It is very interesting what colors and patterns different quilters use. Some prefer the Civil War era colors and patterns, some like the bright colors, others love Halloween (I am very fond of that season myself), while others prefer Batik’s, Floral, 1930s feedsack reproduction. The list goes on forever; it just depends upon what the quilter likes to use and what catches their eye.
The class started out with us sewing strip sets and then cutting them into triangles. Then we started to assemble the table topper. It was a lot of fun getting together to sew and learn a new pattern. At the end of the second day there were a lot of OHHHHH’s and AHHHHHH’s when we held up our finished projects. It is always a great feeling when you actually finish a project. We quilters have a lot of UFOs (unfinished objects) that we always say that we will get to but then there is always a new pattern that catches our eye, a new technique that we want to learn, a service project (that I will talk about soon) or a wedding or baby quilt that has to be done yesterday that puts our projects on the shelf.

I talked about a book that I saw about a new idea for scrap appliqué at the class so the girls decided that a challenge should be thrown my way. Now what to do with the scraps left over from the class? I’ll get back to you on that.

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