Saturday, May 19, 2012

Holiday Door Hangings

Do you like to dress up your door for the holidays?

My hubby is a huge Christmas fanatic and I am a Halloween freak so I was looking for something different to hang on the door besides a wreath. I found a Halloween panel at one of my trips to the NQA Quilt show in Columbus and stashed it away in my stash until I found myself temporally unemployed this summer. I looked through my stash and found many panels and my brain started working overtime. I ended up making 2 for my sisters, 1 for my step mother, aunt and my cousin. I even added some extra large rick rack to add a little something extra on some of them.

Where was mine I thought. I got an idea from a wall hanging I did of funny turkeys and thought that would be cool to make one for my door for Halloween.
This is what I ended up making for Halloween and it looked so good I thought that I would take the turkey wall hanging and hang it on my door. They looked very cool since I have full glass storm door.

What to do for Christmas? I came up with an idea for snowman for a door hanging. I made my own pattern using white fleece for the snowman heads and fabric for the hats and felt for the noses and flower on the snow lady’s hat.

I posted a photo of the snowman door hanging and got a Facebook message from a friend asking me if I could make her one for each season and she ordered a bunch of the snowman hangings for next Christmas
Here is the first one that I made for her.

You don’t always need a pattern just an idea and some imagination.


  1. I love the work you do, and am always so glad to have a Vandy original hanging on my door (which has a huge glass panel too) or as a runner on my table. Don't forget you made a couple things for your sister's (me!) Boss and best friend. U have an amazing gift and I'm always glad you choose to share it with me. Love u sis!

  2. I love your door panels. I am wondering though what you've used to hang them on the door...I noticed the 2 black items in the corner...looks like a great method. Please feel free to private message me. My email is on my right hand corner of my