Friday, October 25, 2013

Home of the Brave

In a previous blog of mine "In memory of our servicemen and servicewomen" I wrote about my involvement with the project "Home of the Brave."
I am so glad to say that on Oct 20th my friend and the Ohio coordinator Janet Alderman presented the parents of a local fallen soldier their quilts.

Here is a great story and photos (which was covered by The News-Herald).
I cannot explain to you the feeling I had standing at the memorial with about 100 supporters of this Marine's family listening to the bagpipes playing Amazing Grace.
When we presented the quilts both parents hugged me and it really brought 3 years of closure to me. I hope that these quilts will help the family heal the hole that has been left in their soul with the loss of their son.
So many connections were made that day. Janet found a way to contact one of her missing soldiers and the next day we found another. My thanks to everyone who made this possible esp the quilter Nancy in Erie Pa who quilted both quilts and also to my dad, from heaven, who I am almost certain helped me on my way to help the families heal.

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