Friday, August 23, 2013

Lake County Fair 2013

The Lake County Fair is one of my favorite summer pleasures and I love coming on Tuesday to see what fellow crafters and quilters have entered into the fair. It is always exciting to see if anything that I entered into the fair won any ribbons. I was not disappointed this year.

This is an embroidery that I bought from Olive Grace Studios. It uses a technique involving coloring with crayons, embroidery and bead work. The frame I bought from Michaels. I painted it with Acrylic Paint "Blue Harbor," water washed it and when it was dry I used sandpaper to stress the paint. I really liked the way it came out. Plus I got 1st place.

This is one of the 1st quilts that I made. The pattern is Court House Steps. Thanks to my mother-in-law who helped pick out some of the fabrics to go with what I had. Not bad for a quilt that I made 7 years ago. BTW my quilt buddy Bonnie won 1st place and Best in Show for her "Brick & Mortar" quilt. It's on Girl!!!!!!!

I had this pattern for about 6 years and finally decided to give it a try. It was a challenge to transfer the embroidery designs onto the black fabric until I found this wonderful product by Sulky. It is a water soluble stabilizer that you can put into your printer and print your design onto it and then it sticks to your fabric, you just wash it away when you are done. I also decided to give some techniques that you use in Crazy Quilts to decorate the seams. Very excited to get a 1st place ribbon for this.

This is my favorite entry, this is a wall hanging in memory of my dad Charles Prentice. When he was in the army he was a Sharp Shooter and when he passed i got quite a few of his patches. Having them for 3 years I finally found the fabric I wanted to use to make a wall hanging. The photos of him are printed onto fabric that can be used in quilts and I top stitched some of his patches and attached some of his pins onto it. Note: I have to make 2 more for my sisters. My hubby (who hates fairs) came with me that night and made a bee line to it to inform me that I won 1st place in the patriotic category. This was the entry I was most proud of.

Wondering what I will think of for next year's fair.

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