Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Quilts, Totes and Ribbons, Oh My!!!!

Getting ready to show your crafts or your baking skills at a county fair can be quite nerve wracking. This year was not the case for me, I even went on vacation with my hubby to Frankenmuth 4 days before i was to register and turn in my entries.

I finished my Pumpkin Seeds Quilt in time to get it back from the quilter to put the binding, the label on and wash it before I went on vacation. Thank you to Rebecca Silbaugh for doing such beautiful work on my quilt.

 My wall hangings were done and just needing hanging sleeves and label's. the 2 tote bags were already done and the table topper had just gotten finished.

The day after I got back I went to the fair office to register my entries and was told to pick up my tickets that night. Friday morning was putting the final touches on before turning my babies over to the fair volunteers.

Monday was the day to drop off my Bread & Butter Jalapeno Relish. Unknown to my General Manager, Brian, he was the test subject for the relish, good thing he liked it.

Tuesday was opening day and it was all I could do to keep my mind on work before i could leave to see the parade and to see if I had won any ribbons.
If you have ever enter anything into a judged show you know the anxiety and the thrill of seeing ribbons attached to your entry. I was not disappointed this year.

One of my guild members won 1st place on one of her purses and my crazy friend Bonnie won 1st place with her grandmother's Sue Bonnet quilt. This is her getting ready to march in the parade.

 If you ever get a chance to enter anything into your local county fair, do so. It's a lot of fun but beware it is very addicting. I have 4 picture frames of the entries and the ribbons I won in the past years and my sewing wall is getting a bit crowded, kinda like my dining room.

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